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Goodbye gmail?


Due to the fact that Google has changed the terms and conditions of the Google services - I mean gmail, picasa, g+, etc. - I became a little bit concerned about my stored stuff at Google. So driven by this concern I started to change my mailing habits. I have been using gmail since 2006 but now I'm going to leave or use it less frequently. On the other hand, I'm capable of putting a mailing system together at home. I have a more-less proper machine and knowledge to achieve this. Moreover, I'm the owner of the domain and I would like to take the advantages of having it.

Back to the changed terms and conditions just for a second. I haven't read yet what has changed, I just experience that the Google services are wired together in a higher extent than they were before. On the other hand, I'm aware of the fact that my emails are scanned and the advertisments appear accordingly. To be honest, I'm a little bit fed up with that fact Google and Facebook already knowing too much about me. Yes, I was an unsuspicious user because I shared a few personal information about myself, but nowadays I feel that it's enough. So I'm going to store my emails at home and the pictures will be stored on this website but before I do this I have to find the good solutions in the world of Drupal 7. Google Plus and Facebook will used only for advertising my website.

The biggest part of this job is my emails. Firstly, I have installed a dbmail on my machine and I started to fetch my emails using fetchmail from my email accounts. Dbmail uses the beloved Postgresql RDBMS. This fetching process has been going for a while because it fetches a little more than 7 years' emails. I already installed a mutt at home to send emails. There are pros and cons using mutt. I like it because I can use it via ssh and it's easy to use, not as memory consumpting as others and it is very fast. However, mutt is not as comfortable as Thunderbird or Claws-Mail, and not so obvious to handle my concats. So I have to find a solution for this.

The whole process was relatively easy so far but I had to face to the smtp issue at this point. I was going to use Google smtp service for a while, but this service always update the Sender's email address to the one which was used to authenticate, long story short, it is my gmail address. The from field remains unchanged. On the other hand, the sent emails are collected in the "Sent" folder of Gmail. So, it looks like it is not possible to avoid that Gmail store any of my emails. At this point I decided that I was going to find another smtp provider. Recently, I have been using Yahoo's smtp service but if it should fail I can buy another smtp service from my domain provider.

There is another issue which requires some attention. This is the Googlegroups which owns a few important mailing lists. A very essential part of my knowledge is obtained from mailing lists. The point is that I don't know how it is possible to subscribe for Googlegroups' mailing lists with an email address which is different from gmail yet. At least I'm going to use a few gmail addresses to be subscribed, and as far as I'm aware it is possible to write email from a non gmail address to these mailing lists.

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