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Big changes...

Here is the time when I have changed my blog's language from Hungarian to English. You can ask why? If you know me well, you should know my default answer is "Why not!?" I suggest that you read more, because I can always prove that I'm enjoying the life and I'm always a little bit crazy. ;)

If you don't know who the hell I am, this is why you need to read more...

Seriously. I think more than 1 billion people understand English. Maybe, my English too. Hungarian is a beautiful and really difficult language but maybe 20 million people understand including the few crazy who start learning this language. I'm lucky because it's my mother tounge. So, I think if I speak and write English the readers can be more.

Secondly, I love to practice. Everything what I know about Information Technology is published English books and websites, blogs, etc.

What the content is? The mainline is developing and software testing. I like programming. Nowadays I work with php, Zend Framework and PostgreSQL but I started to learn Oracle/plSql, java and JEE especially JBoss technology.

My job is software testing. I write testbooks, usecases and I make direct testings. This job is hard, sometimes extremly hard. Sometimes I will write about my ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Enjoy it!

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I unterstad you.

I'm sad.
I'm Hungaryan and my English is poor.
How can I learn from you?

Do you wan to to learn from me? I'm sorry, but I can't help you because I'm learning too. On other hand, I'm not an teacher but I know a good teacher. If you live in Szeged, you are lucky. If not, through my teacher we can find a good teacher for you.

Little bit later I will write an blog entry about english learning.
Stay on tuned... ;)